Ban Labs Arsol Capsule (100 Cap)

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100 Capsule
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About Product
  • Company Name/Manufacturer:
    Ban Labs
  • Brand Name:
  • Contra-Indications

    No Known contraindications reported but if you feel any problem please consult with your near health professional.

  • Usage

    •This is beneficial in piles and fistula Piles is the condition in which swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding
    •It corrects constipation, dryness and itching
    •It checks inflammation and shrinks the pile mass gradually and provide possitive effect
    •It has Antiseptic Action and Checks Infections
    •Arsol is a unique combination of astringent, anti oxidant, laxative, natural cooling agent and clinically proven alternative which clears constipation upto 92% and helps easy evacuation.

  • Side Effects

    No side effect reported

  • Ingredients

    Atish, aritha chal, rasot, ghee kunvar, vans kapur, sonay, saunf,

  • Dosage

    1 Capsule 3 times a day Or according to the physician