Huggies Wonder Pants (4-8kg)

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30 Pcs Diapers
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About Product
  • Company Name/Manufacturer:
    Kimberly Clark
  • Brand Name:
  • Description:
    • Huggies Dry Taped Diapers-

    • It is designed to provide maximum comfort to your baby's skin

    • It has breathable fabric cotton which does not suffocate the baby

    • It has a speed dry layer which absorbs the liquid and dampness quickly and efficiently

    • It has leak lock technology that prevents any spillage and discomfort

    • It is slim and does not show under clothing

    • It is dermatologically and clinically tested and is hence suitable for babies with sensitive skin

    • It does not contain any PBA

  • Usage

    Huggies Dry are long lasting and efficient. They are the one stop answer for your baby's nappy needs. They are also easy to wear and remove and are joint by strong adhesive, ensuring that they do not fall off during use. Put the baby on a flat surface and strap the Huggies Wonder Pant around the baby's waist. Check to make sure it is sitting snugly in place. Replace as per requirement of the baby. You can also make the baby wear clothes on top without worrying about any leakage.