Revital H Capsule for Men (60 Cap)

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60 Capsule
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About Product
  • Company Name/Manufacturer:
    Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
  • Brand Name:
  • Description:
    • Ranbaxy Revital H is an effective and organic daily health supplement formed with the unique combination of Vitamins and Minerals along with Ginseng. Revital H one capsule a day keeps you fit and energetic all day. Revital H keeps your body fit and enriches health by improving immunity. It is India’s largest selling and most trusted supplement.

  • Contra-Indications

    Before using this drug, inform your doctor about your current list of medication or health conditions.

  • Usage

    • Helps improve your health, immunity & stamina
    • Increases ability to handle stress
    • Fights fatigue and keeps you energetic throughout the day
    • Supplements diet for increased well-being
    • Improves mental alertness & concentration
    • Provides energy and fights throughout the day fatigue

  • Side Effects

    Revital is very well tolerated by all adults in recommended doses. If Revital is taken on an empty stomach, rare side effects such as indigestion, heartburn or nausea might occur.

  • Ingredients

    Combination of 11 vitamins, 9 minerals and ginseng.

  • Dosage

    Use 1 capsule a day. In rare case, when you are too weak to carry out physical tasks or feels completely exhausted after your working day, you can exceed the intake to 2 capsules a day. Also, the quantity more than 2 capsule/day is not suitable for the body. Exceeding the intended dosage may get you in some trouble.