Our Story

The best ventures emanate from heartfelt experiences! An inspiration leading to an idea, in turn converting to a business that solves a bigger problem for people and the society. Amit Goel was an investment banker, but a life of ease and no risk was not how he would lead it. He had aspirations to make it big and bigger, and so finally in 2009, he stepped into a business of industrial raw material imports. The venture scaled heights in a matter of 6 years, and gave stupendous turnover. A farmer’s son, Amit is an MBA (Finance) graduate.Coming from a humble background and down-to-earth attitude, his excellent business skills and sensitivity made his business an overnight success.

The restless businessman now jumped into preventive healthcare industry after an incident opened his eyes to the attention this sector needs. In February 2015, Amit started with a pharmacy named "Just Relief"

Slowly one pharmacy converted into a chain of pharmacies through the length and breadth of Delhi-NCR, but Amit realized that just opening offline stores will not help bridge the gap between offline and online medical facilities. Easy access to medicines still looked like a distant dream. With this, he decided to launch in May 2016, an online portal that would not just sell drugs and health nutrition online, but also help book appointment with doctors, get lab tests done, provide suggestions on vaccinations by experts, and also gradually move into preventive healthcare and chronic healthcare management programs. Amit’s sole purpose was to smoothen out the process of buying medical facilities in India. He started it with a unique concept in mind and his innovation is not just limited to buying prescription medicines online. The one-of-its-kind website offers 360-degree healthcare eco-system with unique features such as online vaccination services at home. This exclusive initiative includes more than 10,000 doctors and 30 hospitals to book appointments from. With a reach of over 300 million people, takes upon the serious responsibility of taking care of your health.

Vision and Mission

Amit’s vision is ‘Commitment towards delivering wellness’ and his mission is to provide affordable healthcare for all. The major problems that Amit aims to tackle with are: the highly unstructured healthcare industry in India, lack of availability of the right resources at the right place and time, lack of awareness of preventive healthcare and the absence of cashless daycare treatment. With his website, booking an appointment with a doctor, getting at-your-door vaccinations, and buying affordable prescription medicines have become very convenient.

The specialty of has a lot of unique facilities on a common platform that no other healthcare website in India has been able to provide. Taking into consideration what was missing in the healthcare industry, the website aspires to fill the gaps between online and offline access to medical facilities. Keeping in mind the mission to provide affordable healthcare for all, offers up to 50%-80% savings on medical services and products. The website also plans to include features such as e-prescriptions, e-bills, digital health records and health management programs.

What more?

Just plans to create a common platform for multiple healthcare services. The company aims to increase the growth rate of India’s healthcare industry by 18-20%, by reaching out to a greater section of the population and create awareness concerning preventive healthcare. A very small portion of the Indian population has access to proper medical facilities, and Amit Goel with his team aims to reach as many people as possible to integrate patients with doctors, hospitals, vaccination experts and path-labs. With Just, everybody should have trouble-free and convenient access to proper, affordable healthcare services and products. No one should be denied proper medical facilities.